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Hair Color

10 July;  Author: admin

Hair color

Camarillo’s Hair Color Specialists


Here are a few things you may want to consider when you are looking to get your  hair colored  in Camarillo. At Image Resorts Salon & Spa Your hair color specialist should have enough experience to recognize not only what looks good on you as an individual but can deal with prior hair color  that has been applied possibly at home or in another salon environment. Many times this can be tricky especially when a client wants a completely different hair color.

 Hair color build up can be the culprit of many ‘dye jobs’ as some put it go really bad, resulting in a very  unhappy situation for both the stylist and the client. Removing prior build up by clarifying the hair is the best method to get started. We like to use the Enjoy product line for this, especially when there is significant damage. The stylists at Eye Candy have many years of experience to achieve just the right tone for you taking under consideration your age, skin tone and profession.

Grey coverage* can also be tricky however product lines such as Goldwell or Affinage are very good at receiving %100 coverage and deposit an enormous amount of shine and volume creating a more youthful look to the hair. A longer processing time is key to achieving this and usually takes up to 45 minutes but the results are worth the wait. Many times the stylists at Eye Candy Salon & Spa  will suggest a few highlights across the top to give the hair a more natural two tone look resulting in a more natural look to the color and can be altered depending on the winter or summer season as skin tones generally change from sun kissed to more fair during the cooler winter months.
Highlights *in the hair can be very attractive and have several approaches to this application as well. I personally like to use more than one color to give dimention to the hair so you really notice the movement and shine from the highlights. Blonds typically end up with just a bleached out look unless you add color to give back that life that the hair looses over time, oxidation, and just age. Warmer gold tones mixed with lighteners are key to achieving the most natural looking highlights and extend the length of time between salon visits. Low lights can give fine thin hair density and thickness so that the lighter strands at the top are more prevalent especially when the client is looking for a more trendy hair color. The team at Eye Candy has  plenty of new techniques for the clients to choose from.
Total hair coverage* when choosing the right shade can be stunning. Applying the color from scalp to ends needs to be taken with great care and consider previous hair color treatments. You must clarify the hair when applying this process and consider mixing more than one color so the ends of the hair look just as rich and beautiful at the first 5 or 6 inches of the hair. When choosing a beautiful shade of brown adding a small amount of red to the hair color can result in a gorgeous rich chocolate that will really turn heads. Auburns can be the trickiest of all colors but once achieved will last for years. The Affinage hair color product line is one of the best choices for this hair color, after the second application it will not fade and the shine is unbelievable!
Hair color is a tricky process and should only be left up to the professionals. Many disasters resulting from the at home box color can only make the hairstylists job not only harder but will be far more costly to the client so it is best to approach it right the first time and visit the experienced professionals at Image Resorts  Salon & Spa where our name says it all!
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Beauty Salon Hair Salon in Camarillo

23 February;  Author: admin



Beauty salon Hair Salon in Camarillo is located at 375 Carmen Dr in the Carmen plaza right next door to the ever popular Trader Joe’s in Camarillo specializes in hair color, Cutting and blow drys to make you look your very best.. Beauty salons are a great way to get a new look and spa services to relax and invigorate you. At the Hair Salon in Camarillo, we have talented experienced hairstylists that create beautiful head turning hairstyles and cater to all of your hair care needs. Wedding parties are treated to a lovely catered continental breakfast while their talented professionals take care of the beauty salon needs of the client. are a real treat! Relaxing music, aroma therapy candles, and a variety of facials to choose from await you at The Hair Salon in Camarillo.  so call us today to book your appointments for that new look or bridal party (805) 236-8631. We are centrally located in the city of Camarillo and have plenty of onsite parking. We are a group of talented professionals  who have years of experience and cater to people of all ages. A clean comforting environment awaits you and are always greeted when entering the salon. We have flexable working hours to meet your busy working schedule so waiting for weeks to get an appointment is not a problem for our hard working staff. Feel free to stop by and check us out, we also endorse the professional product lines ENJOY as well as HBL to make the finished style kook it’s best when the client is styling at home. Call us today (805) 236-8631

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Hair Color for Women

5 December;  Author: admin

Coloring of woman's headHair color for women can be a real challenge. Finding the right shade to compliment one’s skin tone, age and hairstyle are key elements resulting in successful results. Using a hair color chart the stylist can get a pretty good idea as to what the client would like to see and communicate to the client what she will need to achieve head turning results. Cooler tones to neutralize a warm skin tone, adding warmth or gold based color to flat overly processed hair, and applying translucent color gels to wake up tired hair color that has oxidized over time are just a few examples of what can be done to make hair color for women a winning result.

Hair color comes in a variety of applications. Root color to cover grey, highlights for that fresh summer day at the beach look and color shines for an all over transparent beautiful shiny color just to name a few. Hair color women like is one that does not require too much maintenance and will have a soft transition as the hair begins to grow out at the root, causing that dreaded line to show! Thank goodness the have created products to solve this problem. Take home color conditioners and color shines can be a very useful tool in maintaining your hair color needs.

It is also very important to consider specific shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate free for color treated hair. We like the ENJOY product line for this because it was created with the needs of color treated hair in mind. Each one of their products give the hair a shiny, soft healthy look that extends the life of your hair color. The HBL line a more intensive product line made by ENJOY is for the double and triple processed hair color that is in need of even more smoothing and conditioning effects.


Hair Color

16 September;  Author: admin

Hair Color

Coloring of woman's head


Hair color is probably the most needed and important aspects of your appearance. Hair color can define your look as one of casual carefree nature sporting a beach like mane of highlights, or the deep Autumn tones of that high-powered business professional with a smart cut to match. We need to be mindful although just what type of hair color is not only right for us but does it really complete the picture that we are trying to portray. Grey hair can really be an asset to one’s career stating how experienced a person is unfortunately it can also prevent that softness that only hair color can provide. Weaving hair color back into a head of grey can keep your experienced look but help shave off a few years and help soften those fine lines around the eyes and choosing the hair color that works well with your skin tone.

Choosing the right hair color is something the client must discuss with their stylist in order to achieve success and head turning results. The use of pictures, hair color charts and base colors are the best ways to arrive at a decision that will ultimately reach  a stunning result for the client and prove the stylists capability to make it happen.

Caring for your hair color is a very important part of maintaining a shiny healthy look as well as keeping the hair from fading. Sulfate free shampoos such as what is available from the Enjoy product line will treat your colored hair gently and will extend the life of the hair color from scalp to ends. Ask your stylist to choose the best product for your hair, it is truly worth the investment that you will make!

Call today and inquire about the new blonding on the scalp shades by Goldwell the results are simply amazing!!! Truly 3 D color results and superior shine:)!!!!!








Have you ever tried coloring your hair at home but ruined it in the process? Corrective hair color can be tricky even for the most seasoned professionals. Much depends on the product that was used, the condition of the hair and the base color of the product. For the every day person attempting to do there color at home can be a real challenge and can have disasterous effects. Ever wander down the isle at the local grocery store and see the boxes of hair color thinking to yourself  “gee I really need my roots done but I forgot to make an appointment for this week, maybe I will just try coloring it myself just this one time” only to realize after you have just made a huge mistake? Now your hair was originally light brown with just enough grey popping through however  now your hair is a lovely shade of greenish brown and very uneven. Was it worth it? Well fortunately the stylists at Image Resorts Coloring of woman's head Salon & Spa have years of experience in this field. It’s best not to try this at home but if you do, just know that there is help out there for you by experienced stylists that know how to correct the situation and can turn a bad decision into a faded memory. However living with your newly minted mistake can be embarrassing and getting an appointment with a professional that knows what they are doing can take some time , meanwhile your walking around with a silly looking hair color for all your friends and coworkers to see! Why go thru all that when all you have to do is call the corrective hair care professionals today at (805) 236-8631 You will be glad you did!


Gift Certificates

17 July;  Author: admin

The Hair Salon in Camarillo Image Resorts Salon & Spa Camarillo’s leading salon choice for hair color, offers gift certificates for every occasion. And the holidays are here so time to get that perfect gift of beauty for that special someone. Women love their hair to look great all the time, so a gift certificate for a hair color or haircut and style would make a great gift. Or take it a step further and suggest a new hair color for your special someone. It might be for your mom who might need a pick me up, a girlfriend who can barely afford her rent or just a whit elephant office gift. Either way you will have the bright idea of giving a gift certificate  something anyone can use! A relaxing facial is just one of your choices when selecting a gift certificate provided by our professional  esthetician Marci Thom, acne treatments for your teen or microdermabratin.

 Color is always a welcome change and our group of talented professionals are here to cater to your needs as you relax in our quaint friendly setting. All of our stylists have no less than 20 years of industry experience. We are centerally located in the city of Camarillo with plenty of parking so call us today at (805) 236-8631 you will be glad you did!


Portrait of beautiful young womanLooking for really great highlights in Camarillo? Don’t have the time to go to the beach and get them the natural way? Relax, the hair color experts at Image Resorts Salon & Spa will give your hair a sun kissed look in no time so call us today (805) 236-8631


Men’s Haircuts

11 July;  Author: admin
Men’s Haircuts
For years men felt that when they needed their hair cut they just went down to the local barber shop and asked for the traditional taper and trim. Today men’s  haircuts have far more options to give the hair more style, texture and shine. More men are receiving hair color techniques that are natural and get noticed and enjoy having a relaxing more personable experience at Image Resorts Salon & Spa where the atmosphere is directed towards the client without all the background noise of traditional salons. So why just get your hair cut when you can get your hair DONE?

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