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Visit the Hair Color Experts at The Hair Salon in Camarillo

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Welcome to the centrally located hair salon in Camarillo Image Resorts just to the right of Trader Joe’s in the Carmen Plaza shopping Center. You will find a variety of services at the salon and a very busy and bustling progressive atmosphere. The staff and receptionist are very welcoming  being helpful and friendly. You will find a vast assortment of professional products to choose from. Susie has been doing hair for over 34 years and is truly an artist with color. Also her hair cutting techniques are outstanding and she truly pays attention to detail. You will be able to find all the services you are looking for and feel comfortable with a stylist that has the up most in professional attitude towards her work. She is available 5 days a week and is looking forward to meeting you and discussing your hair’s needs

Hair Color

How to Find a Great Hair Colorist

Coloring of woman's head

The Fashionista’s Guide to Finding a Great Hair Colorist

To find a fabulous hair colorist, you need to take your time. Entrusting your hair color to just anyone for a complicated process can be risky. But if you start slow, you won’t feel guilty if you need to try out a few different hair colorists.

After all, owners would like to keep your business, and if one hair colorist doesn’t satisfy, there may be another in the next chair who’s better trained or who charges less, depending on your needs. To go down this tricky path, make it known you’re interested in trying out different hair colorists when you book an appointment. This way, you’re free to find the perfect hair color pro for you.

Hair Colorist

Getting Started

So, where do you look for a great hair colorist? Here are some suggestions:

  • Go Online ~~ Do a search for “best hair colorist,” “great hair colorist” or “hair color specialist.” Check the reviews on Yelp and CitySearch. Pay particular attention to write ups that talk about the kind of hair color you want—highlights, red, etc. Searching for “hair color educator” nets you someone who trains other hair colorists. Ask friends and relatives whose hair color you love, especially if it’s similar to what you want.
  • Do Your Homework ~~ Look in hair magazines for names of hair colorists whose work you like. If you know you need someone with special expertise, i.e., you’re a brunette who wants to go blonde, your hair is badly damaged or you’re interested in doubling up on chemical services, check out the Amencan Board Certified Colorists.
  • Check Out Hair Color Manufacturers ~~ The salons they list on their websites all have pros who’ve received training in their hair color lines.
  • Be a Snoop ~~ Cruise the mail, peek in windows, hang out in a waiting room—all to check out the hair color coming out the door of the salon you’re considering.

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The Consultation

Once you have a name and number, book an appointment for a consultation. Bring photos and questions. In addition to talking about your own hair and asking for ideas, ask about their training, and how often the colorist takes advanced classes and workshops. Also, find out how he or she would retouch highlights and what shade will neutralize your brassy strands. Any pro worth her palette knows the color wheel and avoids bleach overlap.

Hair Colorist Consultation

Your First Appointment

Start with something simple—color that is just a couple shades from your own, a few highlights or a root retouch. If you like what you’re getting, return to the colorist until you trust your hair in his or her hands. If it starts looking green, brassy or otherwise bad over time or you request a bigger change that doesn’t make you happy it’s tine to look some where else.

When you book your appointment, make it clear you’ve picked the salon because its convenient for you and you’d like to try different colorists. Follow through, if you’re not completely satisfied. Color chemistry is tricky and you can only find a truly great hair colorist by seeing how he or she adjusts your hair color over time. Your color pro should discuss maintenance, home care, budget, skin tone, eye color, seasonal changes and your hair health. If you need true color correction—for instance, if you’re starting with a home bleach job—one or two tries should tell you if you’ve found someone you can count on.

How to Find a Great Hair Colorist

As Time Goes By

Be honest, if you know you’ll want to occasionally color your hair at home to save money, let your colorist know and ask for advice. Or if cash is an issue, you could see the more expensive person for major changes; then, a junior colorist for retouches.

  • Build the Relationship ~~ If you’re paying for a pro, you should feel confident enough to ask for new ideas and your hair colorist should be providing them. If you’re always asked, “DO you want the same thing we did last time?” request ideas, If you don’t get them, consider moving on before you get stuck in a rut.
  • Send Referrals ~~ There is no better way to show your appreciation than to refer others to your colorist. Show off your new shades on your Facebook page, send out a tweet or simply tell friends the old-fashioned way—by word of mouth. Also, be sure to review your hair colorist online. Many salons reward both you and your friend when you make referrals, so don’t be shy about sharing. It’s nice to spread some good news for a change

hair colorist

How do you assure the hair colorist you choose is knowledgeable, competent or . . . qualified?

Any licensed barber or beautician can legally color your hair. Cosmetologists and Barbers are tested on basic aspects of hair coloring in board exams when they are first liscensed. But, I can tell you first hand, there is much more to learn in becoming an accomplished board certified hair colorist than just becoming licensed to use hair color on the public.

Additional education is needed to become a board certified hair colorist. Unfortunately, to the demise of the profession, some learn by trial and error, or strictly by experience. Has your hair colorist chosen to extend education in the profession of hair coloring?

If you have been unable to find a good hair colorist by referral, here is one way you can assure yourself the hair colorist you chose has reached a higher level of competency and knows this complex subject matter.

The American Board of Certified Hair Colorists, has created a program with a stringent test mechanism, created by a committee of fellow licensed hair colorists professionals. The test has been developed and refined over the years to establish in the profession, a greater level of ability.

Adjustments have been made to balance the degree of difficulty of the exam, as the first year, 50% of the students failed the examination. (Only licensed barbers and beauticians can take this course. That may tell you how much the average licensed professional, is lacking, in the way of hair coloring knowledge.)

Clearly, there are various levels of ability in hair colorists. There is always more to learn about this subject. A recognized “Board Certified Hair Colorist” is an easy way for the consumer to recognize a hair colorist that has achieved a higher level of capability in hair coloring. You can find board certified hair colorists listed in ads that run in hairstyle magazines..

I know there are good, competent, hair colorists out there who are NOT Board Certified and that have gone the extra mile to get the training necessary to be superior hair colorists. But, I talk to a lot of consumers who have problems finding competent people. This is just an excellent resource for the consumer to be able to select those hair colorists, in their area, that have clearly reached a greater level of excellence.

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Here are just a few reviews of our salon:

Really happy with my haircut & color and such a convenient location, no more driving to Ventura! Marlene Berman

“I decided to go bold and go with a new hairstylist. She suggested instead of my dish water blonde to try something with a little more depth I decided to just trust her and let her do it. I looks Great!!! Thanks Eye Candy Salon and oops! Thanks Suzie 🙂 Karen Beaty”


“I love my hair color! They used three different colors with foil and some new glossing technique and it looks unbelievable I just love it! Jane Cuttler”

“I found this place on line and decided to give it a try. What a friendly salon!Usually not all the staff are very welcoming but everyone was very helpful and I had a great pedicure and blow dry. Thanks! Jessica Peters”

“I found these guys on line and gave them a try. My weave and color turned out great! Now I dont have to drive all the way to the valley anymore what a pain that was! Lisa Brennen”

“You guys really know how to give a good man’s haircut and I didn’t feel like I was n some kind of foo foo salon. I am really happy with the service I received, thanks! Joe”

“We came into your salon after finding you on line and had our entire wedding party have there hair and nails done. As the mother of the bride I was from out of town and a little nervous about the arrangement but I have to say we were very pleased with our service and our hair and makeup looked great! Thank you for the great job, Theresa Mack”

“I’m new to the area and stopped in your salon the other day. I got a great haircut and manicure and the environment was very friendly and the manicurist was willing to go out of her way to fit me in. Gary Adler”

“I found your salon on line and gave it a try and am glad I did. I love my hair! They used some new hair color product and it turned out great so I told my friend about them and she was really happy with her service Thanks! Becky Johnson”

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Our location

Our location  is 375  Carmen Dr next to Trader Joe’s in the centrally located Carmen Plaza and is  an ideal location with plenty of parking in front of the salon for easy access right  in the heart of Camarillo. You deserve the best, don’t settle when it comes to looking the way you want! Let our team of qualified hair colorists with more than 30 years of experience pamper and primp you in a safe, clean environment. The only choice for your Hair Salon in Camarillo  is Suzie at Image Resorts for all your beauty needs!
When looking for a hair salon in Camarillo you want to be able to feel confident that your hair color specialist will be able to ensure the right haircut and style that suits your needs. Packages can be purchased for any special occasion or holiday and gift certificates enabling you to coordinate a facial, manicure & pedicure and top it off with a great looking hairstyle, so check with your stylist to find out more about the salon packages we offer.
Allow us to exceed your expectations with our talented, professional team of stylists, technicians, and hair color specialists. Remember to pick up hair products that we use on you right at our salon! Contact us in Camarillo, California, (Ventura County, CA) for detailed information, pricing, or to schedule an appointment for Women’s & Men’s Hair Salon/Haircuts, Beauty Salon & Hair Color Specialists .
                                     Our Services :Hair Color*  Highlights* Blowdry Bar* Hair cut & Style



The Bride On Her Wedding Day

The Bride On Her Wedding Day







                                     Our Services :Hair Color*  Highlights* Blowdry Bar* Hair cut & Style



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